Ugandan Ark For Children

A private orphanage in the village called "Bunamwaya" located in a suburb of Kampala, the capital of Uganda.


Right now we are building an orphanage on our own plot. It has 6 bedrooms big enough for a total of 26 children. The plot is far from the main road and is therefore a quiet place. Inside the orphanage is also a lunchroom, classroom, laundry, showers with toilets. There's one bedroom specially for physically disabled children. Read more in this organization plan.

Food resources

In Mityana (40KM from Kampala) we have a piece of land purely for agriculture. There we grow our own vegetables and fruits free of pesticides which we are serving in the orphanage and also for our own guests in the B & B.


Next to the orphanage we have our B & B (guesthouse) mainly for our sponsors who want to visit their child and at the same time want to spend some holidays in Uganda. The B & B has three basic guestrooms. We serve breakfast and on request dinner as well, you can eat together with your sponsered child if you wish. Further we have close contact with safari agencies. We pick you from the airport with our own taxi service. All this managed with European service.


We are financially depending on sponsors, without them there’s no future for the orphanage and the children who are living with us. We need you help badly, for just a simple annual gift you can help a child to follow education, a safe home and prepare for his / her future. On the page “be a sponsor” you’ll find instructions how to sign up and the rates of sponsorship.

How it all began.

In 2004 my wife had bought a piece of land in a village near by the capital Kampala. After building our first structure we found out that a lot of children where on the street and not in school, it was after all not holiday time. After doing some research we found out that those children were orphans and living with their grandparents. The parents passed away of aids, or parents reject their child due to physical defects. So we decided to reach out to that group of children by finding sponsors for paying school fees so that they could go to school instead. Now our idea was born; we need an orphanage to keep those children safe.

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Sponsorship rates per year

Primary school

  • Daytime school: $135 USD
  • Boarding school: $492 USD
  • Boarding school for the deaf : $336 USD
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  • Secondary School

  • Daytime school: $250 USD
  • Boarding school: $834 USD
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  • College

  • Daytime school: $417 USD
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  • University

  • Cheapest course: $445 USD
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    Entebbe Airport is open again.

    Travellers are allowed to enter Uganda again, but you need to have a doctors certificate which declares no Covid-19 infection.




    Buy a bag of cement of 10 Dollar.

    This will help us to finish the construction of the orphanage.

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    Ugandan Ark For Children

    Address: Bunamwaya / Ngobe (link to map)

    Country: Uganda


    Phone (WhatsApp): +46 700685783

    Org. Nr: Sweden: 802511 - 3658

    Org. Nr: Uganda: 80020001143632

    IBAN: SE3350000000053981096126


    Swedish Bank Giro: 451 - 4485

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